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Juggling Macros is a nutrition coaching service which focusses on flexible dieting.

Flexible dieting or Macro Counting has genuinely changed my life. It has allowed me to change my body composition, drop into a lower weight-class, and build upon my strength. After trying every diet out there, I finally found something that allows to me enjoy life, and stay leaner than ever before.

My experience is that I’ve been a client of “Working Against Gravity” for over 3 years and have completed both the Precision Nutrition Level 1 certificate and the Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coaching Certificate.

The concept behind counting macros is to ensure that you have the correct ratio of fats, carbs, and protein to maintain energy and muscle growth while changing your body for the better! For anyone looking to optimise performance, lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, or being the best athlete they can be, knowing the macronutrients you are ingesting needs to be precise.

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